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Frequently Asked Questions

Who May Participate in CCRC programs?

Everyone is welcome! You do not need to live in the area to participate or volunteer.

How do I register for a program?

Online registration forms can be completed on Stone Alley's web site.

How can I register my Service Learning Hours?

Here is a link to Carroll County's Service Learning web site.

When does the council meet?

The Council holds its general membership meetings on the second Tuesday at 7:00pm during the following months:

January, March, April, May, August, September, and November.

Where does the council meet?

The location of the Council's regularly scheduled meetings during the school year shall be at Mechanicsville Elementary School Media Center for the January, March, April, May, September, and November meetings. The August meeting shall be held outdoors at Sandymount Park.


Background check for coaches? 

Every coach must go to:  https://www.carrollcountymd.gov/media/13411/recreation-and-parks-volunteer-registration-form.pdf   

On that page there will be a form that must be filled out for 2021, whether you are due for renewal or not.  IN THAT FORM is another link to the online background check for renewals and volunteers.  Here's the link simplified: https://carrollcountyrecreationandparks.quickapp.pro/apply/applicant/start?_ref=qap_session_1e52a9f57ab9eb2a1a1cfce37074af504c1d04130571a004604a12e706db5684 

2023 Meeting Minutes

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2022 Meeting Minutes

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